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Cardinal Bernard Law, the disgraced former archbishop of Boston whose failures to stop child molesters in the priesthood sparked what would become the worst crisis in American Catholicism, has died, a church official said Tuesday.

Jubilant Republicans pushed on early Wednesday to the verge of the most sweeping rewrite of the nation’s tax laws in more than three decades, a deeply unpopular bill they insist Americans will learn to love when they see their paychecks in the new year.

Lakeland East is located at 201 Water Tower Drive, which is just north of Interstate 90 off of State Route 528 in Madison, across from Laketran's Park and Ride. New students can enroll by completing an application for admission with a one-time nonrefundable fee to the Admissions Office.

From Interstate 90, exit at State Route 528 (Exit 212) and head north. The general admission policy of the college does not ensure admittance to a particular course or program.

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Students can bring their own wireless devices to the site and access the Internet. To request a laptop, students should stop by the main desk and a staff member will be happy to assist you. For more information on Lakeland open computer labs, click here.

Federal officials confirmed an Amtrak train was hurtling 50 mph over the speed limit when it careened off an overpass south of Seattle, spilling cars onto the highway below and killing at least three people. Technology companies, which have done far better than the rest of the market all year, are down but smaller companies are doing better.

As President Bashar Assad seeks to reassert his authority in Idlib, the only remaining province in Syria where his forces have almost no presence, he may be aided there by deep fractures within al-Qaida, the militant group that dominates the region. Gleeful Republicans on Tuesday muscled the most sweeping rewrite of the nation’s tax laws in more than three decades through the House.

This system will be used to inform you of emergency situations via phone and email.

You have the option of adding additional email addresses, phone and text numbers.

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