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When you book time with me, I will take you by the hand, help you relax, get to know you, and show you that I care about your feelings.

I’ll show you that I respect you and what you think.” “When we go out,” Aspen adds, “You’re going to know you’re in charge.

Clients, the men I go out in my personal life, whoever. When a pretty girl treats you with respect, a guy remembers that. It can make his whole day.” Aspen goes on, “Understanding how to make a man happy and how to build up his confidence is very important. Nobody ever puts him first.” Aspen continues, “When I meet a client, I have a sixth sense for this kind of thing.

Every man is dealing with a lot of different stressors. All he wants, at the end of the day, is for somebody to show him the respect he’s missing. Most men don’t even know that they aren’t being treated well until they get a taste of it. A guy gets up, he goes to work, and he takes nothing but grief all day from his boss and his coworkers. I can tell by the set of his shoulders, by the way he narrows his eyes or his forehead creases, if he’s dealing with stress.

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