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Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted in some establishments, however.The time difference in Albania is one hour ahead of British Summer Time and two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, which should not require excessive adjustments when managing your diabetes.You should consult your doctor eight weeks prior to your departure in order to receive the vaccinations in time.All travellers are recommended to get vaccinations for hepatitis A, which can be contracted through contaminated food or water.Albania (Tirana) Advice Line 355-423-3409 Counselling Center for Abused Women & Girls [email protected] non-governmental organiation offering counselling, safe shelter and crisis support to Survivors of child abuse, rape, sexual abuse, trafficking and domestic violence.Albania (Tirana) Advice Line 355-0425-7836 Different & Equal Shelter A women's shelter in Tirana offering women and girls experiecing sex trafficking in the country, a safe and secure place to retrain and look forwards to a life free from violence and abuse.National Helpline for Victims of Trafficking 088-12-12 Offers a helpline for women and girls affected by Human/Sex Trafficking Albania (Elbasan) Advice/Helpline 355-5425-2919 Another Vision Shelter (Shoqata Tjeter Vizion) a non-governmental shelter for women who are experiencing domestic violence, sexual abuse or any abuse of their human rights.

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Medication is available in Albania, but no free services are available to citizens from the UK.The Albanian Riviera and Lake Skadar are two of the glorious sights to be seen in Albania.Butrint National Park is another memorable attraction that provides exquisite views.Albania (Tirana) Advice Line 355-4224-0-0712 Human Rights in Democracy Centre A non governmental service offering legal assistance, counselling, crisis support and information for women who have their human rights abused.This may include legal advice and counselling for rape, sexual violence or domestic violence.

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