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Mellen’s craft shows us her fear, admiration, compassion, and reflected madness as her doom unfolds.Christensen’s effort to make a nondenominational film of faith succeeds to the degree that it relies on the simple stories of the hostages of Cokeville.This Portal is all about Bypassing Internet Censorship.This platform enables those in the UK and Worldwide with CENSORED Internet connections to BYPASS these filters by using our uncensored proxies.Stories of prayer circles, visions of angels, and divine intervention claimed the narrative of the Young’s attack on the school.Christensen’s film centers around Sheriff Ron Hartley (played by Jasen Wade), a skeptical man, jaded by his encounters with the criminal world.This platform does NOT host any content itself, we are a GATE between the censored users and the original websites we proxy. Angels have played a significant role in Christian thought through the centuries, and in recent years an important scholarly literature has developed around the subject.

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But for Christensen’s purpose this is a minor issue–this is an action movie in point of fact. ————– [1] After the final scene of the film, the director added a note to the effect that not every situation like Cokeville has this relatively happy ending, and that the film makers don’t pretend to have an explanation of that, yet they feel the Cokeville story has value nonetheless.The idea of guardian angels has been a staple in Mormonism over the years and it assumed at times a cult like status, rising and falling when leaders addressed the subject but the notion is ancient and not confined to Mormonism in any case.The Church Fathers in the early centuries of the Christian era saw passages like Matthew 18:1 to mean people inherited from birth a specific angel to watch over them during their lives, guiding them in moral choices, protecting them from mishaps, and finally escorting them to heaven (assuming that was their fate I suppose).The film is meant to demonstrate that God works in the world and it does this through a tragic story where innocents saw themselves as saved by Angelic Intervention. No doubt many who see the film will compare the outcome with Sandy Hook.For Latter-day Saints, if you enjoyed Christensen’s previous efforts with Mormon films, I think you will enjoy this one. I did, and my wife, who viewed the film with me, observed that this candor was appreciated. The film begins with the usual disclaimer: “Based on a True Story.” This is meaningful when considering dialogue, character development, and emphasis.

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