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Often it’s important for spiritual singles to be with someone who lives their life in a similar fashion and believes as they do.

You have numerous ways to specify your wants and needs, including sections like My Interests (select Religion/Spiritual) and In My Own Words (4,000 characters to describe yourself).

Online dating offers singles an efficient way to screen and date potential partners that share similar values and interests and are ready to be in a loving relationship.

Bruckman states, “I can’t wait to hear the new love stories!

And that's no way to start a relationship - just think of all of the conscious-related arguments.

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 37% of Americans identify as spiritual but not religious. If you consider yourself spiritual and are in a room with 100 strangers, almost half of them also consider themselves spiritual.

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    Which brings us to a notion that I articulated in which has a funny way of always resurfacing on this blog: “Men look for sex and find love.” This doesn’t mean he’s a player or a liar or a loser. The way he figures out if he really wants to be in a relationship with you is based on the quality time you spend talking over that first month or two.

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    Gun control is designed to stop people from killing each other, at least that’s what we are always told.