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There are certain milestones in relationships that every couple hits - from deciding to be exclusive and first acknowledging each other’s existence on social media to getting a dog and tying the knot.

If you "find that he doesn't save weekends for you but only schedules a once a week date on a Tuesday night, he's likely not that committed to the relationship," explains Salkin.“I love him to bits and feel more comfortable and happier when he's around so it would be great to have him permanently around! I don't want him to run for the hills.” And although it’s not usually advisable to move in with your partner out of necessity, it can be a good reason to evaluate the relationship as well as bring up the subject, as 25-year-old Margot discovered.“When you’re kind of skint, London isn’t a city that really lends itself to big declarations of love and the like when it comes to moving in.Time was when couples didn’t live together before getting married, but with more and more of us shunning marriage and seeing the benefits of testing the water by sharing a flat first, cohabiting is now the norm. If you move in before you’re ready and it doesn’t work out, it’s hard to go back to just being boyfriend and girlfriend who live apart.What’s more, the chances are you'll have signed a tenancy agreement together and be tied in for a year.

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