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is a guitar and effects maker in Camarillo, California, and creates some very individualistic-looking, low-cost guitars.Even its website looks like a throwback to the Fifties.In other words, make guitars that evoke classic looks and vintage sounds yet sold at a price point where they are meant to be played and not simply collected.Eastwood currently produces around 20 guitar models, all very positively received by players and in reviews.Louis Music partnered up with Japanese luthier Kazuo Yairi to produce high-quality, handmade acoustic guitars at an affordable price.The is the most recognisable, but upgrade the nut and saddle to get the best out of it. w=228" class="alignright wp-image-18298" src=" w=205&h=259" alt="aria lightning zz-skelter" width="205" height="259" srcset=" is the first successful solid-body electric guitar, and it turns 60 this year (2011).

Company chairman, Soon Ho Park, was presented with a plan to construct a new piano and guitar factory in China, staffed by experienced Korean managers, to supply product to local and worldwide markets.” ASC in fact began life in 2001 in the northern Chinese city of Qingdao (formerly Tsingtao, home of the eponymous Chinese ‘German’ beer). established a factory there with US million in seed money with the mission to produce affordable pianos and guitars.

Funnily enough, Aria players tend to hate Kasuga players and think Aria should be higher than Yamaha in any muscle ranking.

Guitars/s101_main/(S101 Guitars page) (Corporate website, in Korean only) website) America Sejung Corporation (ASC) is the California-based guitar arm of Sejung Corporation, a US0 million textile, construction and IT company in Busan, South Korea, established in 1974.

Honestly speaking, you really do need a bank loan to get a Benedetto.

Corporation is primarily known for making guitar effects processors.

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