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” then fire into your next routine…KINO OPENERS (Tyler Durden) Pushing girls, grabbing drinks out of their hands, lightly hip checking them, snapping bra straps, grabbing hats off heads, poke her, tap the opposite shoulder, etc…(these require no memorization are easy for newbies)MYSTERY’S ESP (Mystery) Walk up to a girl and say, “Do you believe in ESP? “Just think of the first # that pops into your head from one to four. ONE of them has the best hands of any guy you’ve ever met. He would always complain that he couln’t get a girlfriend.

He needed to stuff his shoes with cotton so they would fill up and he would always walk on the tips of his feet. ”They usually ask if it’s me or my wing and I just bust out with “Nawwww…I’m DINKY PENIS! The way I see it girls the tell the small lies like “you’re ass doesn’t look fat in those pants” but girls…

You have an incredibly energy about you You have an artless grace That’s an incredible whatever-x accessory/garment DATING FOR DUMMIES (Herbal) Go find the Dating for Dummies book. Walk up to a girl BLATANTLY and hold the book up in front of your face so she can easily read the title. ” The correct answer is that khaki is a color, and most girls know this. TEXT MESSAGE BREAK-UP Is it OK to breakup with someone with a text message? The other is the most incredible kisser you could ever in a lifetime encounter. Same scenario: One guy has more money than Bill Gates.

She might start laughing, depending on how you do it. You can go into, “See, I was thinking it was a color, but the thing is that you never see a khaki car or wallpaper color or anything like that! now take that # and imagine that it is drawn on a blackboard in your head. (Then make up a good back-story for this)TWIN BROTHERS (Ross Jefferies) You’re at a party or a club and you meet twin brothers; they are absoutely identical, physically. The other makes you feel like you are the most beautiful, desirable woman who ever walked the face of the planet. (It’d probably be best to make up some sort of back-story for this)WEBBED FEET (Nilatak) “Hey guys… ”“I had a summer job at Y Supermarket and there was this guy I used to work with that had webbed feet.

Alright a couple things, I’ve tried to give credit to the original authors of the opener wherever possible. and the next moment, we would be fighting and screaming and throwing things.. I opened her and I let him take over and #close her. (Shoulders away, etc.) You check her out then make a face like you aren’t happy with what you see. If she touches her hat, bust her for messing it up.

If you know the source of any (unknown) openers just post to the thread and I’ll update the post. and then we would have HOT MAKE UP SEX all over the place.. after a week we would both be in psychiatric care due to emotional drainage! Then you hold your hands out like you’re judging her style. Now, back away, lean back, look her over, and give her a thumbs up.“NOW you’re a SUPERSTAR! Tell her she’s allowed to be seen with you now, and promenade her around the club.

BLIND DATE (unknown) Walk up to a girl or a group of girls. It’s very important, and we need a woman’s perspective. My friend and I were having a debate and your answer could completely change my entire life…. No one knows…DON’T TOUCH ME (David D.) When a girl bumps into you in a crowded club tap her on the shoulder and say “don’t touch me” … DRUG DEALER OPENER (unknown) Used with a wing at night, with funny, just-got-done-laughing tonality. PUA: (to guy) This girl is so shy, but she really wanted to meet you! They wound up hooking up on the first night, and he even hung out with her in L. He looks at the pictures, and he sees that she’s woken up before him and gone into it and deleted the pictures where they’re kissing, and left the ones where they’re just hanging out. But he can’t figure out if she’s psycho or if its legit that for girls they just hate having pictures out there where she doesn’t look good.

(no guys in the group preferred you will know what I mean) Say loud and clear, “hey, I need your opinion on something.” “I am going on a blind date with some girl and I am very nervous about it. “Hey, I need your opinion on something…does my friend here look like a drug dealer? He just really liked them because he likes her and doesn’t judge the pics like that.”The girls will either say:“It’s totally natural.

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At this point at least one girl would volunteer to give you a few tips, and then more will follow. I’ve done this where my wing will open with this and I’ll pipe in with “Since I’ve changed my look I get asked, “do I party” like all the time. Another thing I’ve noticed is about 10 times a night I’ll get someone coming up to me and asking “can I bum a cigarette”… then I’ll just pull one out and hand it to the guy and he’ll be all like “WTF? if a girl kisses you on the cheek and goes to kiss your other cheek, tell her, “Only one … ”FEMALE ROOMMATES (Tenmagnet and Tyler Durden) I’ve been offered this *SWEET* place in (x place).. (Smile knowingly) Heck, I’ll probably start *MY* period. /Laughing) 26 – Glasses off (take off glasses) 26 – Glasses on (put on glasses) (I did the sequence any where from 2 to 4 times) HB1 – I like them on! (If HBs disagree then they usually started laughing…I guess they think it’s funny that they have different opinions). 26 – Why do you like it when my glasses are on/off? Remember when we were kids and you could just make new friends whenever you wanted… Why has Marge never left Homer, I mean she’s a sexy bitch and he’s a deadbeat who fucks up all the time.You can then ask all the questions you want to those girls until they go dry (EV). I don’t smoke but I’m seriously considering carrying around a pack… ” etc…”EIGHTIES MUSIC (Twentysix) Hey guys, help me out, I have this song stuck in my head ALL day and I can’t remember who sings it. I’m going to have to leave the house for 5 days a month! 26 – My friends tell me I look like Clark Kent when I have the glasses on! HB1 – (When likes glasses on) I think it makes you look sexy/it makes you look clever. At this point you can just go on and talk about The Simpsons for a while. (blah, blah, blah)“if there’s one guy to have a one night stand with, its Jesus!Or you can run some patterns and move in to your routines. it goes “you spin me right round baby right round like a record player right round, round round, etc….” who sings that??? Did you know that’s why primitive civilizations developed camping? Did you know that 95% of guys that get date raped commit suicide in 6 months? (sexual predator routine stuff below).”GLASSES ON OR OFF (Twentysix) Approach Girls 26 – Glasses off (take glasses off) 26 – Glasses on (put glasses on) 26 – What do you guys think looks better? HB2 – (When likes glasses off) I think you look better with them off, but I like them on too! Here’s another way I introduced the opener: Approach Girls 26 – I need your opinion. SLEEP WITH JESUS (Pnutt) This may sound like a weird question, but would you sleep with Jesus? It’s the year of 25 and your sitting at a bar in Jerusalem and this dude Jesus walks over and he sits down next to you. ”if its a mixed set, you use it on the guy:“if there’s one guy to be gay with, its Jesus!Is there any tips you can give me so I don’t look like an idiot. ” (chicks usually either laugh or look quizzically) “Because we were outside and some dude came up to him and touched him on the shoulder like this… I hate it when pictures make me look bad, especially with a digital camera where you can just delete them and take more.” (They also sometimes say “But he’s only known her a few months.I don’t really know how to dress to impress or act the right way” (Act as AFC as you can to disarm the bitch shield)NOW some girl would just tell you “be yourself”… What I did was I made a very serious face and said “like this? I then put up the serious face again and said, “I need to know”, and then change to a happy face and said “come on, tell me the secret to girls’ hearts, and how do I dress to impress. (cheap kino on girl) and asked, ‘Hey man, you got some E? I’m going to get 4 times the boyfriend complaints; I’ll never get in the fucking bathroom… I wouldn’t do that on a guy I just met.”)-or-“She has a boyfriend! :)”SEXY MONKEY (Tenmagnet) Do you think Curious George is a sexy monkey? NO REALLY I DIDN’THe’s been hanging around with that Michael Jackson guy again.

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