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This may be mean, but I think it's funny when anyone gets hit in the head from firing a there bangin': yup...another one for the Darwin awards....people and thier "harmless" guns. BTW - you now have to go to the don't DIE first...i sed guns are funnnnn....: I know a guy who was at a wedding in Lebanon.

Forget merry gunshots and NATO retaliations, someone there actually started using dynamite sticks as firecrackers!

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Dad drops the mag, but doesn't clear the chamber before handing to to the kid. My love for her is like my paper, soft and gentle, just like perfume vapor. Last night we went to City Hall, to watch a concert, we had a ball. Just now she said through her call, our love was .... COPS and the news are the only way to see how the stink apes realy live. thousands of ethnicities in this world and the media never fails to focus on niggras (and there's always an effort there to specifically pair white women with black males. Maybe if I push on this it will come out.Überall Blutharsch: this is what happens when hardcore feminists adopt a boy just to break him - representative for all the hated schlong-carriers. Worst part is they portray them as clean, hardworking humans who live in normal clean homes with a father. , I just watched a video called 2girls1cup on the net and I want in on some of that soft serve ice cream those girls were eating, but it seems that your dispenser is broken.I’ve got used to the British ways and love their exaggerated courtesy.It might get on my nerves occasionally – like when I’m asked by a checkout assistant at Tesco’s if I’ve found everything I was looking for every bloody time I shop there, or some other mantra they’d just been taught at a “What-to-say-to-customers course” – but when I’m back in CZ I realize I actually miss it!

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