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Not wanting his mother to ruin this incestuous show now, he'd deal with whatever the repercussions of his sexual actions were with his mother later.Besides, she was the one who invaded his privacy by barging in his room without knocking.Not embarrassed nor ashamed, he didn't care that his mother was watching him ready to ejaculate his cum in her mouth.Shocked that she was still there watching him having sex, he replayed everything over in his mind.He imagined his mother topless before imagining her naked. Yet, with him living with only his mother, that had to be her. Home alone in the house, the reason for him to have sex with his beloved Kimberly so freely, so vocally, so loudly was because his mother had left to check on a sick neighbor and would be gone for a long while. Obviously, his mother was standing in his bedroom watching him having sex with himself. He continued stroking himself while wishing she'd stroke him.Perhaps he was hearing things but he thought he heard footsteps before he heard a familiar sound. 'Now or never, it's time that I give her a real, sexy, sexual show,' he thought.

Perhaps, after he's done having sex with himself, his mother would be next.

Now wanting to give her a real, incestuous show, glad that she was seeing his erect prick, he hoped she'd stay long enough to watch him cum.

Giving him more reason to cum, as much as he wanted to cum for Kimberly, he wanted to cum for his mother too.

It was an unmistakable sound of the latch of his lock as if someone had turned his doorknob before hearing his doorknob turn. 'For her to remain in my room while watching me masturbating, she must be as horny and as sexually frustrated as I am.

For her to remain in my room while watching me having sex with myself, she must sexually want me in the way that I've always sexually wanted her.

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