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To add more of a Dutch influence to your holiday celebration, read the traditions below.

All you poets, songwriters and rappers - get ready to perform!

Each member is able to set up their own wish list and ask questions of their drawn person anonymously.

Unlike other services, Draw Names does not require logins and passwords which are often forgotten or misplaced. Santa Claus, Sinterklaas and the Christmas man In the Netherlands the character of Santa Claus is distinct from Sinterklaas, known instead as de Kerstman (trans. Although Sinterklaas is the predominant gift-giver in the Netherlands in December (36% of the population give presents on Sinterklaas day), Christmas is used by another fifth of the Dutch population to give presents (21% give presents at Christmas).

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In addition to this, we support end-to-end encrypted voice calls.

Santa Claus in America is largely based on Sinterklaas. Since family and friends often exchange gifts at Christmastime, Secret Santa was started to simplify the gift-giving and have a little fun. A group of people would put their names into a hat and then secretly pick a name out of the hat.

They would buy a gift for the person whom they drew. Now that family members and friends often live far away from each other, the hat process can become tricky.

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