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Since the chatting messages are the information already arrived at the device, it cannot be deleted.

Please understand that such deletion request cannot be accepted since your chatting details cannot be accessed even by BAND for the protection of your privacy.

Disposable accounts not for sustainable means of communication will be considered as abnormal information and may be put under limited service, so please check the information when registering or entering accounts.

The Operation Policy will continue to be supplemented in response to your valued feedbacks and when a change takes place in the service to serve you better with a more reasonable policy.Your precaution is of a grave importance regarding the exposure of your personal information.Both when your personal information is leaked by others and if such information is exposed by yourselves, will lead to unwanted outcomes. Since there are closed BANDs and even for the open BAND, given the characteristics of BAND which is serviced based on meetings, BAND service cannot acknowledge the transactions taking place amongst members.Instead, we are providing a feature for setting the chat storage period which can be used at your own discretion when you need to delete your chatting history or check the messages continuously.We recommend you to set the chat storage period to 1 year for those who wish to check the previous chatting history even after the device change or reinstallation of the BAND app.

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