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With the help of her mother the teenager, known as Ryan, won the right to switch from female to male, after making an application in August to begin treatment.

The process will encourage male characteristics, which includes facial hair, a deepened voice and increased muscle, through the administration of testosterone, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Ultimately the judge supported Dr T's findings that Ryan was fully aware of the repercussions of the choice.

Currently young people require Family Court permission for irreversible hormone treatment but do not for puberty blockers.

The father argued that Ryan needed psychological help, and was not old enough to make a life-altering, permanent decision.

Ryan was looked at by two doctors: Dr P, who diagnosed gender dysphoria, and Dr T, 'who assessed whether the teenager was capable of understanding the irreversible effects of hormone treatment'.

She kept this to herself until she finally opened up to a mandated reporter.

“It was the mandated reporter who reported the case to the police, took her to Mirabel Centre, a sexual assault referral centre in Lagos, which examined and confirmed forceful penetrations on her. Section 37 stipulates 14 year imprisonment for an offender.

The Prosecutor, Sergeant Lucky Ihehie, said Idoko slept with his daughter in his home at 35, Akinwonsola St., Oworonshoki, Kosofe Area of Lagos.During interviews and medical exams the two older children revealed more about the abuse they had suffered.The 10-year-old had bruises on her upper thighs and buttocks and said her father and step mother hit her with belts, their hands and “switch” made from sticks from a tree in their garden.“The father, the survivor and his other nine-year-old daughter live together in his single room apartment.“The survivor recalled that the first incidence happened in July when her father forcefully undressed her at about 11p.m.

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