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The letter T stands for Tip, and the R stands for Ring (like a ring on your finger, not like ringing the telephone).Although the use of these letters to form terms like TRS, TRRS, and TRRRS goes back to the ±1/4-inch phone plug used by telephone operators in switchboards before many of our readers were born, this article focuses on their use with the newer 3.5 mm plugs, with a few exceptions that you’ll see ahead.Aside from the above Mac models, you can check for your Mac compatibility by selecting: About This Mac To that I will add that if you use an MXL microphone with TRRS with a supported Mac, in some cases you absolutely must connect a TRS stereo headphone into the TRS stereo jack which is part of the MXL microphone.Otherwise, the supported Mac will not realize that there is a mic connected.Shure is even including a special adapter with some of its latest MOTIV products to combat this misconnection epidemic.In this article, I explain and show them all, so you can get your desired result and avoid falling into the trap where my friends did.

According to my research, this newer CTIA/AHJ wiring standard is used in products from Apple, HTC, latest Nokia, latest Samsung, Jolla, Sony (Dualshock 4), Microsoft (including Surface, Lumia, and Xbox One controller with chat adapter) and most Android phones.That includes i Pad, Android tablets, Mac computers, and Windows computers. Click here and you will be automatically sent to the closest Amazon book page to you based upon your IP address.Although generally speaking, Kindle books are readable on smartphones like Androids and i Phones, I don’t recommend it for this particular book since it contains both color photos and color comparison charts. Or request ISBN–10: 1456310232 or ISBN–13: 978–1456310233 in your favorite local bookstore.Most Mac computers from 2008-2013 are compatible with the exception of the Mac Pro line.There are issues with 2014 Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air models as well as late 2013 i Mac models, making them not compatible.

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